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About Us

Who We Are , Our Company Vision & Value

Founded in 2010, we've been around since the early days of the solar industry in Tamilnadu and have been a part of the industry evolution that has seen the tremendous growth of solar energy adoption in the region. We have broader experience than any other solar company in the state not only in terms of type of projects, but in different states around the region as well.

What We Do

We work with corporate, small businesses and institutional organization to finance and install solar on their rooftop. We work with investors to develop, build and operate solar farms. We work with governments, utilities and house owners to generate electricity for housing segment.

We believe to convert idea into reality. Our team is the experience professional, who are our pillar and have worked and expertise in power & renewable power field and have done significant amount of work in well established organization in field of renewable sector. Our expertise in design and installation of solar plants not only helps you to generate electricity at competitive prices

Our Strength

The business is founded on 10 years of strong foundation in “Electrical and Mechanical” engineering with its core of skilled and experienced workforce. Throughout the years, various expertises have been built up in our company including strong finance and project development team.

All our customers benefit from our experience in terms of engineering quality, superior yields and sheer breadth of deployment.

Company Vision

A greener and cleaner world with cheap and abundant energy where stable grid possible. A strong and secure India made possible through renewable energy.

Company Value

Innovation and knowledge sharing in the field of renewable energy and power transmission & distribution with quality oriented work to make the world a cleaner and better place for future.